Happy New Year 2014 from Taipei 101!

An amateur video of the 2014 fireworks display at Taipei 101 which is world famous. I am posting this one due to the fact that the “official” video is promoting some songs that only had like 5 secs of fireworks footage. The rest of the videos I found were scarier, 1 guy posted the same video across 10+ different accounts on tube to promote his political views, some posted others’ video as their own, while the rest posted videos from years ago as current ones. This was the only one I could find without any baggage or crap associated with it. I might post/change the video when someone else upload a more professionally done one with proper shot angle with music.

Anyways, New Years is the time when one gets rid of one’s baggage and tedium of yesteryear, and welcomes a new life and a new beginning. No matter what your resolution is, I hope you can make this year better than last.

Happy New Year!!


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